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Global Limit’s Ancient Khmer Path 2016: The Bit Before The Race Started, Part II

Saturday 26 November 2016

I didn’t fancy eating tarantulas today on the journey to The Middle of Nowhere and pre-Stage 1 camp, so a slap-up breakfast was in order. And before long, with a comforting familiarity from the previous year, it was all-aboard the bus to begin several hours of gazing out of the window as we passed from city, to town, to village, to hamlet, via well-paved roads which gave way to huge pot holes: recent heavy rains had done some serious damage to compacted red mud that served as roads in more remote parts. Continue reading

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Pre-race: The Ancient Khmer Path (Cambodia)

Where does time go?! It’s been a while since I got back from Cambodia just before Christmas 2015 and time has flown with promised DIY, a decluttering binge, Christmas preparation . . . and before I know it we’re mid-way through February 2016!

If you didn’t know already my attempt at Global LimitsThe Ancient Khmer Path resulted in my second multi-day stage race DNF part-way through the long day . . . read on! Continue reading


About The Ancient Khmer Path, Cambodia

Run by GlobalLimits, itself headed by seasoned German ultrarunner Stefan Betzelt, it ran its first multi-day stage footrace back in 2012: the Ancient Khmer Path. The GlobalLimits portfolio now includes a footrace across Sri Lanka and the Kingdom of Bhutan. I’d heard good things about GlobalLimits and the AKP so it was the natural choice after my aborted 4Deserts Jordan race last year (whether or not I’ll do another one of theirs . . . that’s another story!). And having visited Cambodia back in 2009 and fallen in love with the place it was always a country I’d want to go back to: the opportunity to run across it seemed a great excuse to return. Continue reading

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The next adventure: The Ancient Khmer Path (Cambodia)

Today I received the email I’ve been waiting for from GlobalLimits’ Founder, Stefan Betzelt: “I herewith confirm the receipt of your deposit for GlobalLimits Cambodia 2015.” And so my entry’s now in for my next multi-day extreme running adventure in another gruelling climate . . . the addiction must be fed! Read on . . .
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