Running from Shadows

My Marathon des Sables . . . and beyond

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‘We only have one life. Anyone is capable of achieving great things.’

In the run-up to the Yorkshire Marathon a couple of weeks ago there was some media interest in my up-coming extreme footrace, the Ancient Khmer Path, for which I was using my 51st marathon as part of the training. BBC Radio York’s Ellie Fiorentini got in touch wanting a live interview on her programme (listen again here until 6 November starting at 49 minutes) and I’d been talking to the Yorkshire Post’s Catherine Scott for a while about an article she wanted to run (read it here). Continue reading

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What is it in our lives that prevents us from achieving what it is we really want to achieve? Our minds: belief. Whatever your goal, ambition, desire or need, whether changing your job, losing weight, running a mile, or walking two, add a little effort (because anything remotely worthwhile takes effort) and really start to believe and you can spark a chain of great, life-affirming events that could go anywhere. It’s a theme that I’ve thought a lot about recently, particularly over last Sunday’s inaugural Hoad Hill Marathon in Ulverston, my 48th, as I spent a few hours reflecting on my own changes and those of others that I get to see. Continue reading

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The Walking/Running Sodium Factory

A recent heatwave affecting southern Europe had also spread to north Africa, giving a toasty 40-43C from around midday right through to early evening on a recent few days holiday to Marrakech (temperatures expected over July and August, not early May!). While there was nothing more strenuous than trips from a riad (fortunately with a dipping pool) to the souks and cafe bars and alleyways surrounding the main Jemaa el-Fnaa square, it was a reminder of how uncomfortable heat can become. Continue reading

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First race of the year: done

January has been about getting the muscles, tendons and capillaries engaged again after a long spell off from regular training. Today’s Caythorpe Dash half marathon seemed like a good idea when I entered it just after Christmas, a test of the first month’s “Welcome back!” training plan. I would spend January with 30 miles-plus per week of running and thrice weekly gym schedules to get me fit for this half. Continue reading