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Looking back on a great race: Global Limits Ancient Khmer Path 2016

Two weeks ago (2 December) and on the second attempt following my 2015 DNF I finally reached the World Heritage Site of Angkor Wat after 140 miles of running in 6 days across the wilds of Cambodia in the Global Limits footrace The Ancient Khmer Path. It was far from easy (are these races ever that?!), but what a race and what a finish!

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Global Limits Ancient Khmer Path 2016: Stage 6 – The End . . . Sad Face . . . Sniff, Sniff

Friday 2 December 2016

The last early start. Don’t think I bothered with breakfast other than a quick protein milkshake.

I’d decided today that I could and so I was going to leave pretty much everything out on Stage 6. I didn’t tell anybody that, of course.

With a final briefing from Race Director Stefan we all lined up and were given the off. From which point I just stretched out and ran. And I wasn’t going to stop. Continue reading

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Global Limits Ancient Khmer Path 2016: Stage 5 – Warning! Massive Spider!

Thursday 1 December 2016

To get out of the Kulen Park before it reopened an early start was needed. It was still dark as we lined up, headtorches on. Various grades of disability were now evident for all as we hobbled our way across the wooden bridge from our camp to gather for a 6am start.

Evident for all, that is, apart from the handful at the top of the rankings. Brits Sally and Clare were still smiling, and had been all week: they were 1st and 2nd females and 3rd and 4th overall in the general results just behind the 1st and 2nd males. Proving again that the longer the race, the closer the women are to beating the pants off the men (as Jill Hamill did, by hours, in the 2015 race) . . . Continue reading