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The Sahara Race (Jordan)

The Sahara Race (Jordan) in 2014, part of Racing the Planet’s 4 Deserts Series, officially counts towards the tally required to join the exclusive 4 Deserts Club.

Okay, strictly speaking the Jordan race being held in the Arabian desert isn’t the “hottest” desert, but it’s close by a smidgen! Normally held in the Egyptian Sahara, the race for 2014 had to be moved late last year to Jordan because of the sad continuing turmoil in Egypt. That creates an exciting opportunity: there will be few ultra-athletes who will be able to claim having raced in the Arabian desert. The Sahara Race 2014 will actually take competitors across four distinct deserts in the wider Arabian desert: Wadi Rum, Kharaza, Humaima and Wadi Araba.

Thus far, only 17 Brits are members of that exclusive 4 Deserts Club: those who have completed each of the 250 kilometre self-supporting footraces across the hottest (the Sahara, Egypt/Jordan), the driest (the Atacama, Chile), the windiest (the Gobi, China) and the coldest (Antarctica) deserts on Earth.

And becoming a member of that exclusive club is why I’m making a start by running the Sahara Race next month.

Here’s the expected daily itinerary:

Stage 1: 25 miles;

Stage 2: 22 miles;

Stage 3: 22 miles;

Stage 4: 25 miles;

Stage 5: 56 miles;

Stage 6: just 3.1 miles!

Hard work, particularly while carrying everything needed for the week on your back . . .

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