Running from Shadows

My Marathon des Sables . . . and beyond

The first post

My forthcoming book Running from Shadows finishes with a review in May 2013 of what happened after my Marathon des Sables 2012: I visited performance coach Rory Coleman in January 2013 to get my running life back on track having taken a diversion over the preceding 8 months via numerous Starbucks (medium skinny hazelnut, no cream, please), Costa (medium skinny frosted mint, please), the famous Betty’s tea rooms (Eggs Benedict, cinnamon toast and a Fat Rascal, please) and pretty much any tea room anywhere serving up . . . well . . . any cake.

I love cake.

But it’s no good for running.

This blog will pick up from where the book leaves off after this quick review of 2013.

January 2013

Visited Rory Coleman and left scared, shortly after getting a Banned Substances dietary sheet and a scary 12 week training schedule.

April 2013

1.5 stones (9.5 kilos) lighter, clean of Banned Substances. It wasn’t as bad as I first envisaged. Another 4 marathons completed since January.

May 2013

Entered Racing the Planet’s Sahara Race (Jordan), a 250km 6-stage footrace not across the Sahara (because of political unrest in the race’s normal home of Egypt) but across a part of the Arabian desert in Jordan.

September 2013

Another 6 marathons ticked off since April, including my second fastest ever at Grafham Water this month. A new 12 week schedule from Rory Coleman is even more demanding than the last one.

One or two Banned Substances reappear in my stomach. I’ve no idea how they got there. Hence the new 12 week schedule.

December 2013

The year finishes with another 5 marathons since September, including a double-ultra marathon being 2 days of the 3 available on the Druid’s Challenge in November (day 1: 29 miles; day 2: 26.5 miles).

That’s 15 marathons completed in 2013 and the total marathons/ultras completed over the years has now reached 41 (including 5 non-race training runs), 59 short of my 100 marathons/ultra goal. There’s also been a significant loss of weight in the run up to the Sahara Race (Jordan) in February 2014 and in November the final version of my manuscript Running from Shadows went to the publishers after 18 months of hard graft!

Bring on 2014.




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